Build Your Complete Email Solution On Your Own Server For Unlimited Email Marketing

Grow Your Subscriber’s List and Manage Your Email solution. No Third Party Payments

Awesome Features

Your Self-Hosted Email Solution

Hosting Your E-Mail helps your business, grow your customers’ database for optimal re-marketing.

You also save your business from retaining monthly charges from third party hosting solutions

Why MessengerPanda?

Makes Email Marketing Easier for Business Owners and Individuals
Helps you create your own email solutions and manage your customers’ growth and sales conversion

Easy Setup & Migration

Easily set Up Your server and installing MessengerPanda Solutions
Set Up is as Easy as updating your DNS records and adding domains With each account

Accessible at all times

Access email from any device, anywhere, anytime.
simply Login to your own Dashboard on your account
MessengerPanda provides supports also

Unlimited Campaigns

Create as many campaigns as you want, there are no limits, giving you the freedom to unleash your marketing, create new products, offers or new business without worrying about paying more.

List Import/Export

Feel Totally free to manage your email list the best way you want. its your list, you worked for it. you have the right to manage it how you want!

One Time set Up

Say bye-bye to monthly bills forever, pay once to have your infrastructure set up and running then continue to build your business without having to pay expensive monthly bills for services you don’t use

Email Verification

An advance cleaning system that keeps your email list clean and ensure only valid emails populate your list from the word-go keep your marketing efficient