How It Works.

MessengerPanda is one of the first of its kind software in Nigeria built from the ground up by marketers for marketers with a special focus on giving you the most returns from email marketing while operating on very slim resources that do not bleed your pocket.

Webhosting + Email Marketing Married.

Before MessengerPanda, email marketing was deceptively and outrageously expensive.

It was expensive because providers charged a recurring monthly billing which is smartly designed to increase as your business grows until it gets outrageously expensive OR you are billed based on the number of emails you send per month!

Take for example services that bill you per thousand. It is not uncommon to see fees like $0.01 per thousand – which means for every 1,000 emails you send, you pay $0.1. Sounds cheap right?

Let’s decouple that billing system.

Imagine if your business has grown to 50,000 subscribers and you need to contact them 2 times daily for 7days. In total you will send (50,000 * 2 * 7) emails = 700,000 emails.

What will be your bill over a 7day period? ((50000*2*7) / 1000) * 0.1 = USD70.00 in just 7 days and over a 30day period USD300.00 or around NGN96,000.00 per month

When you consider the fact that you still have to pay monthly web hosting bills to keep your business running in addition to your email marketing bills and you project this over a 1year period, you suddenly realize that the bills you are paying are not so cheap.

MessengerPanda solves this problem by using nothing more than your existing Webhosting infrastructure (for instance you could with our help set up a $10/month hosting) and use this same infrastructure for business hosting needs and simultaneously for your email marketing needs 100% running HulkMessenger under one roof.

The Work Flow

Purchase a license by registering an account and ordering one. Next, install MessengerPanda on your servers and go through the configuration process and create your SMTP servers (either local or remote) and then start sending emails using your server resources and nothing else.

No additional fees. Bye-bye to monthly email marketing bills. Grow your business without growing your bills and no more outrageous billing disguised as cheap.

It is as simple as that!

Automated Backups

Your email list is important. It is the lifeblood of your business and that is why you should never take chances. You should at least backup your entire email list once a day. MessengerPanda has you covered in this regard by implementing an offshore back system that backs up your entire list to an offsite storage system on Amazon Simple Storage (Amazon S3)

If at any point, the unexpected happens, you can always restore your entire business (mailing list) using the latest restore node saved to your S3 account.